It Is All About The Data
Richard Tatum
Richard E. Tatum Jr.
cm logo Hi, my name is Richard Tatum a.k.a. CODEMANRICHARD.
I am a highly skilled software developer/database architect with an extensive background in software design, development and maintenance of web based software components, data storage and analysis with a concentration on Microsoft tools and technologies.

After being part of the IT industry for 20+ years I am convinced it is all about the data. Data is all around us and will always exist. Data is the building blocks of all information and information is used to drive our decisions. Our perceptions of the world are captured in the arrangement of the data. Hence the way we see the world is driven by the analysis of the data. We must analyze raw data, see patterns and process it into meaningful information. Data is always correct, but information derived from data can be incorrect.

Since it is all about the data Business Intelligence (BI) is more import now than ever and the need will continue to grow. Microsoft’s Business Intelligence Stack provides all the tools you need to design, build and manage your BI solution.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Microsoft’s Business Intelligence Stack